Ban Kettling! Support Katy Clark MP’s petition!

Katy Clark MP has initiated a campaign in Parliament for the banning of kettling. 22 MPs have signed a petition (called an Early Day Motion) saying that the police tactic of kettling protestors is an infringement of the right to protest and should be banned.

The Right to Resist campaign, backed by activists in the student movement and the trade unions, supports this petition (EDM 1257) – and we need your help to make it a success!

Contact your local MP and ask them to support EDM 1257 (the official name of the petition). Use to find contact details for your MP. If they say no, or fob you off – organise a protest! Get other people to ring their office; deliver a petition; or picket their surgeries until they put their name to our campaign for the right to protest.

See the EDM here

Facebook group here

Here is the text of Katy Clark MP’s petition:

“That this House is concerned about the use of kettling as a police tactic against demonstrators in the United Kingdom; expresses serious concern that in recent demonstrations individuals, including minors, have been indiscriminately kettled by police for up to nine hours without food, appropriate facilities or access to medical assistance for those who require it and have been refused the right to leave; notes that a number of individuals have suffered very serious injuries, such as bleeding to the brain, as a result of police action during recent kettles; believes this kettling to be an infringement of the fundamental right to peaceful protest; and calls on the Government to take steps to stop this practice.”

police are a drag

Kettling is an attack on our democratic rights!


About righttoresist

We are a campaign against police violence and against kettling. Police violence is being used as a tool by the government to support their cuts agenda - we have a right to resist it!
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